The Engineer


Wytse Gerichhausen

Wytse is known for his absurd obsession with music, audio technology and sound. He will always find a way to give your music production just that bit extra to lift it to a higher level. Every single detail in his work is thought out, even if it's barely audible.

He also likes to work super efficient and is always figuring out ways to make things easier for himself. This way he can focus even more on what matters, the music.

Has worked for/with:
(never complete, random order)
  • Nathan Kay Nakhmanovich
  • John Frost Band
  • Candea College
  • Miss Ghyss
  • Leandro Da Costa
  • Ben Falinski
  • Victoire X Festus
  • Hans Eijkenaar
  • Steve Gadd
  • Vincent Bodt
  • Kaascouse
  • Takuro Spirit
  • Thoreau
  • Sarah Fall
  • Kayak
  • Sound Vision Studio
  • George Konings
  • Hans Dulfer
  • Rich Wyman
  • KD Soundsystem
  • Moombahteam
  • Kim Weemhof
  • Nyro
  • Nowi
  • Kyba
  • Lils Mackintosh
  • Paul McGhee
  • Saxogirl
  • Cryosis
  • DJ Galaga
  • Merike Susi
  • Controversial
  • Lief met Luuk
  • Hardwell
  • Recline
  • Ricky Jordan
  • Sahejdeep
  • Memru Renjaan
  • Emile Hartkamp