How to finish tracks

The short answer is pretty simple: just press bounce-to-disk!apc_0059-2

The long answer goes a bit more in-depth. Because the biggest thing that is keeping you back from finishing a track is doubt. Everybody is always in doubt about their creative production. Even me, while I’m doing this work more than full-time. Doubt and uncertainty are things every human has to deal with. Here are some tricks to help you get your track finished


Putting some pressure on the kettle helps a lot of us to really get going. Pressure makes it easier for all of us to make decisions, and in the end, finishing your production is all about making decisions. If pressure also works for you, then there are easy ways to create this. Keep in mind that a “flexible” deadline isn’t enough. Set yourself a realistic date for when the production should be finished. Then, start making promises to everybody (the label, your fans, friends etc.). These promises will create the pressure you need!

Take a break

I’m known in the studio as the guy that takes a lot of short breaks. I do this in order to reset my ears and mind so I can freshly listen to what I have created. By doing this I’ll immediately know what the weak points of the track are. This is a trick you have to train to execute correctly, it takes some time to master but it will be worth it in the end.